Giving Kudos to Brilliant Content

Our esteemed guest judge, Sunday Times bestselling author Tim Weaver, has selected his winners and runners up for the second and final phase of the GKBC International Short Story Competition of 2013-14.

He chose Matty Millard’s superb story ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ as the winner, which you can read here, and Matty kindly answered some questions for us.

Bath-based wedding photographers Dorothy Allen and Lucy Baker, who run Dot & Lucy Photography, were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to answer some questions for us.

Having both graduated from Bath Spa University in 2012 studying Creative Writing, Dot and Lucy were keen to combine their flair for photography into a fully fledged business and, after many returns to the drawing board, settled on the simple yet effective name Dot & Lucy Photography.

Every year thousands of students have to decide whether to go to university and every year, following the herd, thousands of them go. The expectation is that you go to university. Colleges allocate special days for applying to university and before you know it you’ve received your offer for a place. The whole process is over in a flash without time to properly consider whether university is for you. The lack of known/talked about alternatives also make university seem like the only option – either that or get stuck in a dead end job.

Article by Naomi M. 

2013 was a year characterised by lists, even in death.

As such, there was a huge selection of best-ofs worst-ofs and middle-ofs at the end of the year.

But which list came top? My obsessive need to rank everything in my life, from partners to ramen, demanded that I rank these rankings, and fast! So, which lists are worth your time this year? Find out below.

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