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5 Decorating Tips for Your Student Accomodation

Going to university is a huge step in anybody’s life and career; the time spent there is a largely a memorable one. Fun-filled nights with friends and the all-important studying to take you to where you want to be in the future. But with all this being said, so many university students struggle to come to terms with moving away, living alone and giving their student accommodation the homely and personal feel they want. Today I intend on giving you 5 decorating tips for your student accommodation.

Adding a theme to your student room

In a lot of student accommodation you will be left with only one room that is your personal space, so giving it your own theme and personality is vital to making it feel like your home. The colours you choose are the probably the most instrumental part to the theme of your room so think about them before making any changes.

From the bedding you choose to the lamp shade, every little adjustment improves the look and feel of your room. You can make that once dull student accommodation a place full of vibrant and enjoyable colours on a small budget. Look to edit things such as cushion covers and posters in your room; these are affordable changes you can make and have a huge effect on the mood and tone within.

Photograph frames and pieces of art

My next points are easy ways of decorating your student accommodation without having to break the bank balance. Instead of spending a ton of money on new things for your room, why not take the photographs that are most memorable and make them your focal points?

By purchasing a few abstract photo frames you can easily jazz up your room into a place of harmony packed with fun filled memories. If you already have some nice photo frames but they seem all too familiar now then why not repaint them? This will bring new found life to your favourite photos; another quirky design tip can be to add little accessories like flowers to your photo frames.

For those students who are doing something creative such as art or design at university, you may like the idea of putting together some of your own work to use as a focal point in your room.  This is definitely a cost effective approach to revamping your student accommodation. It could be seen as a portfolio expressing your personal preferences and skills in the space of your own home; give off relaxation and fun to have a room that you can love and use to get away from the stress of exams and studying.

Revamp your window sills and skirting boards

Usually you will not be given the freedom to take on full room revamps when moving into your student accommodation; but sometimes they really do need some much needed tender loving care. Along with this you probably won’t want to fork out for a whole room makeover so this next tip is a perfect way of improving the place.

Buy a tin of paint the same colour as your skirting boards and window sills in your room, or if you’re lucky enough your apartment! By repainting these you will see a new fresh feel being brought to your room and it will feel cleaner and also much more appealing to the naked eye.  Some students I know have even repainted any doors in their apartment, however if you intend on doing so I would check with your landlord first and foremost.

The use of mats and rugs

University students will probably admit that many of them will have to deal with spillages and stains in their rooms and apartments; with this in mind I would highly recommend purchasing a nice rug to become the centre piece of your carpet. This is again something which you can take with you when you move, while also adding to the mood and feel of your room, so a very wise improvement to make!

Along with this ensure you have mats at your disposal, especially at your doorway. Doing so will make sure that no marks from dirty shoes are wrecking the look of your home. It is apparent that at some point you will be using your room as a venue for ‘pre-drinks’ before partying with your student friends; I would advise moving your centre piece rug out of the way for this, ensuring no stains and spillages are going to be felt considerably in the morning.


The importance of mood lighting is massive; it is paramount for transforming that box-room shambles into a chic boudoir. One idea that is very popular is the use of fairy lights in a university student’s room; they not only give off a fair amount of light but also improve the mood and colour within.

One decorating tip that I particularly like is buying some fabric remnants from a DIY or interior shop and cutting them into nice ribbon strips; next tie them into bows on a standard line of tiny bulbs for a lovely effect on your room. For the normal university halls candles will be most likely not allowed, however for those who are renting from private residents they supply you with a perfect way of transforming your home into a warm and cosy haven of relaxation.


All of these options are ways of improving the look of your university accommodation on a budget and I would strongly recommend giving them a try for the home you have always wanted. Change your place from a living space into a home!


This article was kindly put together by Ryan Hirst who writes great content for UK based kitchen fittings specialists Eurofit Direct.

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  1. Garth Steele

    July 30, 20134:25 pm

    I will take these wonderful tips over to my interior designer-to be daughter. She’s gonna be in college next year and really great with this sort of thing.

  2. Synergy Bob

    July 29, 20137:56 pm

    These are great tips! My oldest is going to graduate high school and just saw his dorm room and would love to make it over. This would be a great start for us.

  3. Estelle Page

    July 18, 20134:07 pm

    Great advice Sarah! As a student you probably won’t be able to paint your walls, and you may (like me) end up in a room with horrific bright blue walls in which case your purple bed covers and rug are no longer going to look quite so refined!! Simple colour schemes like monochrome or cream are best, with accessories you can update even on a tight budget – cushion covers, throws, photo frames, fairy lights and so on.

  4. Sarah Perkins

    July 11, 20137:48 am

    When picking a colour scheme, remember that it is very likely that you will be living in a different place every year. In some of those places you will not be allowed to change anything. Have a theme that will go with a lot of things, then vary it with smaller changes. This approach also means when you get bored with your theme it is easy to make a change.

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