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5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Camtasia

Why this video software is the answer to all your web-based audio visual needs…

Article by Ross C.

What is Camtasia?

TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio is a nifty piece of video software for PC and Mac users that enables you to record on-screen activity, edit and customise content, then share the video on numerous platforms.

Don’t let the word ‘edit’ discourage you. Video editing is often associated with complex software but Camtasia is a piece of cake and there are plenty of tutorials that ease you in and help you become more advanced the more lessons you complete.

As the market leader, it is widely and conveniently used by all sorts of sectors from teaching to marketing. In fact, most of those helpful videos on YouTube that sort out your technical issues are conceivably recorded and edited using Camtasia.

With a little practice, you can unleash those creative skills and begin to make videos that you can be proud of. So here are five reasons why you need to use Camtasia;

1. User-friendly

Image: Screenshot

Beginners can be assured that Camtasia is designed to be as intuitive as possible. The interface layout is well structured and features are clearly signposted. To the left of the screen you have media and video editing options, whilst on the right there’s a preview of your video (AKA, the canvas).

Along the bottom there is a video timeline to locate sections of the video you need. Like anything, giving it a go is the best way to learn what’s what and that utterly dependable ‘undo’ button is at the ready for any mistakes you may make.

2. Easy To Share

film + music = you tube

Image by: Sean MacEntee

One of the best functions of Camtasia is that it integrates seamlessly with the web. If you choose to produce a video for YouTube, Camtasia will resize it for those dimensions and even upload it straight to your YouTube account if you wish.

Recent upgrades have even made it possible that completed projects can be exported to Flash or HTML5 which is watchable on iPad’s and smart phones. Additionally, a new interactive content option allows you to share anything else you’re working on in the video itself.

3. Useful Features

Camtasia doesn’t have the most features available for editing, but what it does have are the essentials. This is a bonus in my book since you aren’t bombarded with unnecessary options to confuse you.

Amongst these are callouts (which can be used to annotate your video), transitions (cool ways to move from one clip to another) audio options and zooming in and out. You can even narrate your videos personally!

4. Ideal for Informative Videos

Due to the nature of Camtasia focusing on the screen recording element, videos intended to teach or promote can work extremely well because video-making is one of the most translatable ways to demonstrate a process, product or creative idea.

Every video is trying to tell us something and Camtasia recognises that people need a simple way to convey that. Being able to use software for those purposes will undoubtedly increase your employability too.

5. Professional Appearance

Camtasia produces sleek and polished videos despite its ease of use. The high quality on-screen capture makes it suitable for HD ready platforms so your video won’t be pixelated and blurry.

HD Ready logo

Image by McSush

Personally, one of my favourite functions is that Camtasia will even hide your mouse cursor if you don’t want it to be visible on-screen. All those things that can make a video look tacky have been thought of and avoided.

The only down-side to Camtasia Studio is the price. At £220 it certainly doesn’t fit into the student budget. However, there is a free 30 day trial which is well worth downloading to have a go.

Have you ever used Camtasia Studio? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know what you think of it!

Article image by Mr. T in DC

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