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8 Ways Volunteering Can Help Your Career

Volunteering can do much more than simply make you feel good; it can also have some great effects on your career. Whether you want to help within your local community or make a difference somewhere further afield, there is a volunteering opportunity perfect for you. Take a look at these reasons why! 

Article by Rhosanna J. 

1. Develop New Skills and Knowledge

Within your job, you are likely to use the same skills every day. Learning different skills through volunteering can greatly improve your job prospects and you may discover talents that you were previously unaware of. For instance, improving your leadership ability may help you get that promotion you’ve been pining after.

Alternatively, if you are looking to completely change your career, volunteering can help you learn some of the expertise you will need. It will also give you the opportunity to try out a new career before you commit to it.

2. Boosting Your Confidence

Volunteering is great for improving your ability to deal with new and unusual situations.  If you are a shy person, helping at local events will give you the chance to talk to lots of people, enhancing your confidence with public interaction. Volunteer work will always provide you with a challenge, and challenges are always some of the most rewarding experiences.  Greater self-esteem means you will find it easier to reach future life goals.

3. Fill a Gap in Your Employment History

Employers value volunteering because it shows that you are being proactive. Even if you are struggling to find paid employment, volunteer work will show that you still practice the skills companies are looking for. You can still be at a certain place at the correct time, follow instructions and take the initiative when required.

4. Demonstrate Dedication

Volunteering with a cause that means a lot to you demonstrates your commitment.  Many people choose to support a charity after a loved one was influenced by their work.  When you are involved with something you really care about, it is easy to be passionate in your role. This is a vital characteristic in the world of paid work. Remember, volunteering is a lot more flexible than paid employment so you can fit it in around your other commitments.

5. Making New Friends and Connections

Through volunteering, you will meet a variety of different people with similar interests, from all walks of life. You will share some incredible and rewarding experiences, which may make you friends for life. Everyone has different knowledge and experiences so you will be able to learn a lot just from your fellow volunteers.  Widening your social circle is never a bad thing – and, who knows, you may meet (and impress) a potential future employer.

Image by Michael Baltz 

6. To See New Places

Volunteering and travel often go hand-in-hand. The range of overseas volunteering projects on offer is endless so you are bound to find your perfect opportunity. You could do anything, from teaching children in Africa to helping endangered sea turtles back to the ocean in South America.

Showing willingness to travel and being sensitive to other cultures will make you more attract to employers. It will set you apart from the crowd and demonstrate that you are willing to go outside your comfort zone and face any challenge.

7. Using Your Skills to Benefit Others

One of the most important reasons for volunteering is to make a difference – you can change someone’s life. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities within your own town or city if you don’t feel like travelling too far. You can either help people directly, such as through teaching or even working at a food bank, or indirectly, for example by improving the local environment.

8. It’s Good For You!

Volunteering can give you a break from your normal job and make you feel warm inside. It has been shown to reduce stress levels, which is very important with today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Studies have also shown that taking part in volunteer work can lessen chronic pain and reduce the risk of heart disease. Balancing a demanding job with some fun volunteer work could make you a healthier, happier person.

Volunteering can be hard work but the benefits can be endless. You will meet new people, develop your skills and end up with great additions to your CV. Volunteering will enrich your life and help you develop as a person, so what are you waiting for?

Featured Image: Reed

Rhosanna is a committed blogger and passionate about volunteering. She has been involved with a variety of projects and learnt something new from each and every one. 

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