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9 great christmas gifts for apple fanatics

Looking for the perfect gift to suit the Apple fanatic who already has everything? Numerous sites across the web offer endless iDevices and accompaniments for Apple products; providing Christmas shoppers with some impressive add-ons, gadgets, gizmos and accessories for that friend or family member who already owns an array of the Apple products.

Whether they’re the proud owner of the iPad, the iPhone, the iPod, the iMac – or every Apple device ever made – there are gadgetries out there for everyone this season.

The Sensible

Digits – Conductive Glove Pins

Ideal for all touch screen devices in the cold winter months, these silicone padded gloves allow you to type and keep your hands warm all at once!
Nab them at ThinkGeek for $12

iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger

Fed up of having a dead battery when you’re out and about? Worry no longer! This portable charger is suitable for all Apple devices and has over a week’s worth of battery life to keep your devices high on life while you’re on your travels. (It also works with some non-apple devices.)
Find it at ThinkGeek for $62 

Super Shell iDevice holders

This shell cover has thick, high impact corners to protect your device from any unfortunate oops-I-dropped-it incidents, and its no-slip grip should do away with a lot of those incidents in the first place. Perfect for kids, or for the more accident prone iPad-owning adult.
ThinkGeek stocks them for $30

The Stylish

iPad Flexstand

This stand for iPad devices allows you to angle and position your iPad in any way you like and on both flat and sloped surfaces. Neat.
It’s yours for $24 at ThinkGeek

“The Clutch” for iPad

Embrace the geek chic style with this clutch bag for the iPad. It comes in two different colours (black is the other option) and sports additional compartments for the lady who likes to travel with lots of accessories.
You can buy The Clutch at ThinkGeek for $90


This sterling silver and Aluminium pendant is a motionary light up piece of jewellery that lights up on request and in response to monitory movements. With a 72 hour battery life and an “open source” detail, it is an apt gift for the computer friendly female this Christmas.
It’s $75 for the iNecklace at ThinkGeek

The Silly

iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet

This retro Arcade Container for your iPad is linked with the Atari App allowing you to play your downloaded arcade games in style. Equipped with a joystick and buttons, this is the fun way to rack up the points!
The Arcade cabinet is $70 at ThinkGeek 

Geek Wisdom

Learn all the ultimate secrets of the geek culture and its gadgets with this informative but funny book.
The price of geek wisdom is a mere $13 at ThinkGeek

iDuck – Bathtub Music

Enjoy some tunes in the bath with this waterproof floating Duck equipped to plug your iPod into. It is able to hold the weight of and suitably protect all iPod products from the water.
At only $30 from ThinkGeek, you’d be quackers not to buy it

Get your friends and family to geek it up this Christmas with the essential must-haves for any Apple device. What will you buy?

Naomi is an English and Journalism graduate with a passion for blogging and all things creative. 


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