Giving Kudos to Brilliant Content


About GKBC – Who are We?

Creative content – it’s been talked about for years. Now the concept seems to have been officially embraced by the populous of Earth. Even the sceptics are saying that generating engaging, amazing, award worthy content that other people might actually find useful, funny and /or gobsmackingly awesome is the correct way to do things on the web. Who’d have thought it? Wow.

The great thing about creative content is that it knows no boundaries (within reason, of course) and GKBC has been set up by a team of passionate writers devoted to producing outstanding content across a broad area of topics. You’ll find insightful articles that focus on each of our writers’ individual areas of interest, advice-laden features that aim to improve your life, and reviews of everything from the latest books and films to techy kit and gadgets.

It doesn’t end there. We also publish and comment on examples of brilliant content from elsewhere on the web to create a resource for inspiration. So if you have an example of sizzling content that you want us to feature on the site, contact us today. The only rules are that it has to be worthy of kudos!

GKBCGiving Kudos to Brilliant Content!