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Academy News – Weekly Round Up


It’s time for the weekly round-up my dear Ninjas!

I hope you are all well on this drizzly Friday.  It may still be chilly and it may have SNOWED this week, but I can definitely sense that beautiful spring feeling in the air, so hang in there…

We admitted 4 new members into the Academy this week.  I’d like to wish a warm welcome to Katie, Jade, Natalya and Paulette whose application blog posts were very strong indeed. We look forward to working with these talented ladies!

Last Friday we crowned our first Ninja of the Month, the honourable Robert Dickson. The editors credited Robert for his thorough and conscientious research, his excellent writing skills, useful content and enthralling sense of humour.

Check out an interview with him coming up on our blog later today!

In other news, the delectable Nick Ellis has been compiling what I can only describe as every academy writer’s MUST HAVE possession:  WRITING 101, An Introduction to Submitting Copy that Shines.

This bad boy should be printed out and kept about your person at all times for reference, perusal and to feed your desire for continuous self-improvement.

This ace guide will be with by next week, so stay tuned!

We have more new writing Combatants among us- big congratulations to Stevie, Grant and Jessica B! Thanks to your continued top notch contributions to the Academy, you’ve now earned more than 300 ninja points and get to have your author profile on the GKBC site as well as benefit from fun Combatant challenges.

Hope you all have an excellent weekend!



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  1. Laura

    March 18, 201312:21 pm

    Great news, thank you for the effort. I will surely get it. I love reading everything Nick writes; it is colorful, informative, funny and entertaining.

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