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Aging Pop Stars that You Need to Follow on Twitter

Conventional wisdom is that Twitter is really a young musicians’ game – a great way for the tech-savvy newer pop stars to engage with their fanbase, whereas older artists are either warier about doing so, or just plain unfamiliar with it.

There are, however, a bunch of people from the world of popular music who are engaged with the twitterverse, and are worth having in any feed.

Article by Ed H.

Let’s take a look at some of the more worthy artists:

Henry Rollins

Post-punk icon, former vocalist of Black Flag & Rollins Band, spoken word artist & general renaissance man.

We’re taking a looser definition of ‘pop star’ here than others might. Rollins has never had a hit single, and the man on the street has probably never heard of him. But amongst music connoisseurs, Henry Rollins is a counter-cultural icon.

He often links to his ‘dispatches’, semi-regular opinion pieces with a counter-cultural take on the state of the world. And more importantly, through his radio show notes and playlists, you’re going to find out about a lot of great new music.

Vanilla Ice - Twitter accounts of pop stars that you should follow

Image by: Dave Kleinschmidt 

Vanilla Ice

One hit wonder from twenty three years ago who is, apparently, still in the rap game.

I follow Vanilla Ice to remind myself that he still exists. And that some people still care that Vanilla Ice exists. Some people, in 2013, love Vanilla Ice. And you’ll know, because Ice comes from the ‘Retweet Absolutely Everything’ school of tweeting.

He deserves to be in your feed because you too need to be reminded that despite our youth-obsessed culture, there are still people who will fawn over a man who was briefly popular once for thinking that ‘listen’ rhymes with ‘invention’. It doesn’t.

Chuck D

Forthright Public Enemy MC. He shall not be moved.

One reason to follow Chuck D is to cancel out the fact that you now have Vanilla Ice in your feed – as one half of the seminal Public Enemy, Chuck is virtually unsurpassed in hip-hop prestige and gravitas. This gravitas shows in his twitter; whether he’s offering up commentaries on the latest American Football team lineups, or ruminations on the current state of Hip Hop, Chuck D remains a voice worth listening to.

Courtney Love

The vocalist of Hole, Kurt Cobain’s former wife and all round generation X icon.

One lesson learned from the late 1990s is that Courtney Love is crazy. Although most of the time, her twitter feed doesn’t match up to her erratic reputation (then again, what could?), it’s still well worth following because it lets us see what notoriety and counter-culture looks like twenty years on. Whichever artists you love today for their rebellion, their attitude, take a long hard look at Courtney Love’s twitter feed, because this is where they are going.

Andrew WK - Twitter accounts of pop stars you should follow

Image by:p_iolly

Andrew W.K.

Possibly fictional party king.

Depending on which of the theories you believe, Andrew W.K. may be a fake identity for multiple people, the product of a committee, or a series of actors with Dave Grohl pulling the strings. Nobody is quite sure. The only thing that is certain is his conviction to partying. Whilst researching his feed for this blog, I pressed Command-F for the word ‘party’, and got 117 results from the first page. To Andrew W.K., partying has an almost religious importance, and his party tips take on an almost zen-like quality. And they just keep on coming.

Yoko Ono

Avant-garde vocalist, conceptual artist and alleged Beatles ruiner.

People who get hung up on Beatles history tend to forget that Yoko Ono is in many ways a pop star in her own right. Her twitter is almost exactly what you’d expect from an octogenarian avant-garde conceptual artist, in that you have no idea what to expect. One day you might get a few brief koans on our relationship with water. Another, you might get an instagram diatribe about how white is the most conceptual colour. One thing that’s for sure is that you won’t get this from anyone else.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala

Vocalist with The Mars Volta & At The Drive In.

Another more obscure figure making our list here, although anyone familiar with post-hardcore pioneers At The Drive In or the neo-prog stylings of The Mars Volta should already have an appreciation for Zavala’s idiosyncratic approach to rock lyricism. This approach continues into his twitter feed; all that needs to be said about Cedric is that he’s a man who will take time out of his day to take old family photos and photoshop giant eyes over all of the faces.

Bjork - Twitter accounts of pop stars you should follow

Page by: Cristiano Del Riccio


Icelandic vocalist and crystal enthusiast.

A great man once said that the definition of brilliance is something that can appeal to multiple levels of the mind all at once. That man was me, yesterday. And I was talking about Björk’s twitter.

Interspersed amongst the concert plugs, Björk likes to use the medium to expound dense philosophical nuggets about civilization, about nationhood and humanity. And if that’s not your thing, each one usually has a picture attached, so you’ve got the option of looking at her weird hairstyle instead.

Is there anyone we’ve missed, any musicians or iconic pop stars from yesteryear that are worth having in your feed? Don’t be shy, drop us a comment and let us know!

Ed is a writer and blogger with impeccable taste in music. He’s also twitter friends with Rebecca Black, which would have been pretty cool back in 2010.

Featured image by: Tsar Kasim



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