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Alternate Film Poster Designs – Creative Academy

We have a lot of talented individuals at the GKBC Creative Academy who all want to showcase their skills for the world to see. An extremely popular way of doing this nowadays is the art of alternate film poster design where a designer stamps their personality and experience of a film onto a blank canvas.

Every week sites like DesignTaxi, Creative Bloq and Shortlist show off some amazing work from some extremely skilled designers. Since we have an amazing array of talent in our Academy, we thought we’d give them a chance to do something fun, interesting and allow them creative freedom to express themselves.

So a few of our Academy members were tasked with creating their own alternate film posters, of any film of their choosing, in a minimalist style.

Luke Harrison

First up, we have designer Luke Harrison with his awesome set:

Matrix film posterFinding Nemo poster City of God poster Star Wars poster Memento poster Wolf of Wall Street poster Jerry Maguire poster Back to the Future poster

Prometheus poster Gravity poster

To show your appreciation for Luke, check out his ISSUU portfolio and his personal blog space where you can see his other stellar work.

Gemma Hannigan

And onto another one of our talented designers in Gemma Hannigan who also produced her own take on the minimalist design style. Take a look at her amazing work below;

Avatar poster

Titanic poster

The Mummy poster

Spiderman poster

Kill Bill poster

Dracula poster

Dante's Peak poster


Take a look at Gemma’s portfolio here for more of her stellar work.