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art & design editor: Elise Leveque

Elise Leveque

Elise Lévêque is an ambitious freelance translator with a passion for anything and everything social media. She can often be found sipping on a latté and updating her status in a boutique coffee shop, or wandering the city with her Lomo camera on the hunt for the newest piece of controversial art.

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Before Facebook and after Friendster there was MySpace. This social media site used by millions of people experienced a huge decline starting in 2008 and has essentially been replaced by Facebook. It has very recently been completely rebranded and even lost its capital ‘S’ and is now simply Myspace.


Jessica Lu, an actress on MTV’s show Awkward, tweeted at Taco Bell while at the VMAs, presumably as a joke and Taco Bell delivered! An inexpensive stunt that has brought the company quite a bit of publicity this deed really highlights the direction Taco Bell has taken in its advertising.