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Ahhh, Christmas. That marvellous time of the year when the sprouts are overcooked, the Brazil Nuts get their annual outing, the relations pretend to get on, and there are never enough AA batteries for the myriad of toys (oh, the tantrums). But there is always time for a good film or two so here are […]


English author and creator of Mary Poppins, P. L. Travers, is forced to consider selling the movie rights of her cherished character to Walt Disney when funds dry up – but she won’t let Poppins go without a fight. Does Saving Mr Banks really hit the mark? Article by Jamie C.


Grab the popcorn and crank up the projector – but no talking, please, the film’s about to start. Once Pearl and Dean have sung their irritatingly catchy jingle and Kevin Bacon’s flogged another Orange 2-for-1 offer, prepare to immerse yourself into the cinematically diverse world of neurotics, astronauts, witches, time travellers and malevolent spirits from […]


To say Woody Allen’s film history has been somewhat chequered over the past decade or so is something of an understatement.  Cassandra’s Dream and Scoop were far from the usual comedic gems and spiky offerings that marked out the humorous brilliance of Annie Hall, Manhattan, or Hannah and Her Sisters. Does Blue Jasmine definitively mark a […]