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writer assassin: Jenny L

Jenny L

For Jennifer Leung, there’s nothing better than an entertaining, intelligent and thought-provoking read. This is something she tries to instill in all her writings. Jennifer Leung is a freelance lifestyle blogger who writes anything ranging from humorous and witty shorts to informative features on human interest topics. When not writing blog posts, Jennifer writes for her university hall of residence and for charity.


What is your favourite genre of writing? Mine is the mystery novel and I adore Anne Cassidy’s works. Never heard of her? No problem. Read on to find out all about her. Article by Jenny L


As if making the decision to uproot yourself to go and study at uni wasn’t grand enough, you are then faced with a number of  other potentially life changing choices. What you do at Freshers Week and your choices about relationships could influence the rest of your studies, while what degree you end up choosing could have […]