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writing combatant: John R

John R

John Rogers is a freelance writer and blogger whose experiences working within the IT Solutions industry have turned him into an unlikely flag-bearer for all things Cloud related. He is equally adept at writing a brief description of the physical qualities of cumulo-nimbus or extolling the virtues of cloud computing at length. Closer to terra-firma, John is an obsessive Non League football fan who is still, at the age of 32, refusing to give up on his boyhood dream of making his first team début for Hendon Football Club.


The literary canon is filled with so many esteemed writers such as Stephen Fry, Ernest Hemingway and Sylvia Plath who all battled with a mental illness of some kind. They found solace in the written word but what is it that forms the connection between depression and writing in the first place? Article by John […]