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*Update for Christmas 2013*

Puddings and cakes and pies, oh my! A seemingly fundamental part of Christmas, dessert (well, food overall) is usually one of the things I look forward to most. As someone who enjoys being in the kitchen and baking especially, I would love to receive any one of the following items as a gift. If you know anyone who also has a special affinity for baking then why not check out this excellent list Christmas gifts for bakers?

Going to university is a huge step in anybody’s life and career; the time spent there is a largely a memorable one. Fun-filled nights with friends and the all-important studying to take you to where you want to be in the future. But with all this being said, so many university students struggle to come to terms with moving away, living alone and giving their student accommodation the homely and personal feel they want. Today I intend on giving you 5 decorating tips for your student accommodation.