Giving Kudos to Brilliant Content

Ahhh, Christmas. That marvellous time of the year when the sprouts are overcooked, the Brazil Nuts get their annual outing, the relations pretend to get on, and there are never enough AA batteries for the myriad of toys (oh, the tantrums). But there is always time for a good film or two so here are the top seven festive films you need to watch to get you into a Christmas mood. 

Article by Jamie C. 

Although many were originally concerned about a predicted decline in London’s cultural scene post-Olympic Games, in fact the opening of a whole range of new musicals and plays in the West End only left us with a how-on-earth-are-we-going-to-fit-this-all-in dilemma, as the theatre productions of 2013 really raised the bar.

Article by Laura C.

Come mid-November, Christmas adverts begin to take over our TVs and whether you love it or hate it they reintroduce festive cheer and sparkle into our lives. The run up to Christmas is vital for advertisers, as consumerism is at its height and the population will be on the lookout for gift inspiration and Christmas bargains.

Here are some of the best Christmas TV adverts to have passed through our boxes over the years.

Article by James D. 

Grab the popcorn and crank up the projector – but no talking, please, the film’s about to start. Once Pearl and Dean have sung their irritatingly catchy jingle and Kevin Bacon’s flogged another Orange 2-for-1 offer, prepare to immerse yourself into the cinematically diverse world of neurotics, astronauts, witches, time travellers and malevolent spirits from the films of 2013.

Article by Jamie C. 

Philomena tells the true story of Philomena Lee who, in her teens, had a baby out of wedlock, was subsequently seen as a ‘fallen’ child and was disowned by her family. She was sent to a Magdalene home in County Tipperary, forced to endure hard labour, and only allowed to see her baby son for an hour a day.

Review by Jamie C

Based on Orson Scott Card’s 1985 novel of the same name, Ender’s Game is an intriguing and entertaining amalgam of Full Metal Jacket-lite, eye-popping special effects, modern day military analysis, and a grizzled, growling Harrison Ford to keep the troops in order.

Article by Jamie C.