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Creative Academy Designer Of The Month – Matt Holland

Matt Holland was one of the very first members to join the Creative Academy and is currently the longest-serving member, reaching Conjurer level by consistently submitting fantastic quality photos that fitted the brief and well before deadlines! He’s shown an ever-present interest to do well for us here and constantly looks for ways to improve not only his own work, but ours too!

We interviewed Matt and here is what he had to say;

Sum up everything about you in no more than 50 words

My life revolves around art – as cliché as that sounds. I follow blogs, artists, designers the lot on social media. The majority of the time I am behind a lens of some sort taking pictures whether through an DSLR, film or mobile.  On top of this, I’m usually busy designing bits or generally having fun.

How long have you been a photographer/designer for?

I first got into photography when my Dad gave me his Olympus OM4 to use at an air show. Ever since then I became fond of photography and art and still have that very camera now in perfect working condition too!

What got you into it in the first place?

As I mentioned before, my Dad giving me his OM4 to use that day, teaching me what he knows. As well as this, studying Art throughout my school life and taking it on further at A-Level into Fine Art, Photography and Graphics Design then again into a Creative Arts and Visual Design degree at Bath.

Academy member Matt Holland

Matt looking cool and colourful

Who or what are your major inspirations when you’re at your creative best?

Music is always on when I’m creative as I find it helps me relax and focus more and blank out what’s around me like a busy street, people running around etc. My biggest inspirations as artists are Claude Monet and Chuck Anderson of No Pattern Studio.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?

My university tutor about university work: It’s all well and good doing work to get a first and following briefs to get it perfect but is it work you enjoy? It’s better you do work you enjoy, know it’s to the best of your abilities and get a third or 2:1 than be bored doing work that doesn’t excite you to just get top marks.

What was the worst piece of advice you have received?

Leave things until the last minute and the pressure will force you to do work and do that work better.

Is there anything in your work that you find particularly challenging?

Writing! I dislike writing a lot, I never enjoyed English as a lesson so I tend to let my work speak for me. After all, that’s what artists do isn’t it?

Do you have a website you’d like to share with us?


Finally, what is your ultimate goal with your photography and design?

To become a graphic designer who uses photography, typography, art and other materials to influence my work.


If you’d like to join Matt at the GKBC Creative Academy, check it out here and apply now!

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  1. Dougie Bird

    October 16, 20131:43 pm

    I like your outlook on life, well done.

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