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Which Football Manager’s Match Day Style Would you Adopt?

What a person wears can tell you a lot about their character. Like it or not, we make a judgement about a person depending on how they dress, assuming that the way they choose to clothe themselves reflects on their personality.

Article by Grant B.

Football managers are no different. Whether it’s in the tunnel in front of the cameras for the pre-match interview or stalking the touchline mid-game, match day style goes a long way to giving off the right impression and portraying the kind of manager they are (or at least that they’d like to be perceived as). But which match day style would you adopt if you were a football manager? From the smart-dressed assassin to the jogger-wearing kick-every-ball screamer, here is a breakdown of some key managerial looks:

Suited and booted

Sure, you could roll up to a match like you’d just left the training ground, but why would you? Football may be a muddy, sweaty business but that’s no excuse not to look your best in front of the crowds and in front of your team. A keen eye for detail, you like to try and keep it calm and professional but aren’t afraid to let your passion (or frustration) shine through occasionally.  All while looking prim to perfection.

The Tracksuit

Forget a flashy dress sense, expensive suits and polished shoes. For you, it’s all about the beautiful game. Donning a tracksuit straight from training you watch the game ever-vigilant, looking for advantages and opportunities to strike. You’re vocal, you’re passionate and, if push came to shove, you’d probably get up on the pitch yourself to show them how it’s done.

Puffa’d up

It can get awfully chilly in the dugout. You like to keep yourself toasty with a full-length puffa jacket. But don’t let the soft, airy exterior fool anyone. You’re a professional through-and-through who is only satisfied by complete success. You may not have as much stylistic flair as some of the other managers on the side-line, but when it comes to aggressive, innovative tactics and ruthless ambition you’re a puffa-clad Professeur.

The Black Jacket

Clean and understated, you are a manager who lets his players do the talking. Discipline, drive and regimented rules are what you live by and your management style reflects this. That isn’t to say you don’t have a softer side, and you aren’t above getting right in your teams’ psyche to delivering an encouraging speech or two, but when it’s game time it’s business. It’s time to win.

So which match day style best fits your character? Are you lacing up your trainers, tightening your tie or zipping up your jacket?

Grant was never much of a winner at FIFA, preferring a kickabout in the park to computer games. He also owns one of the ugliest pairs of football boots in history.

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