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Getting Inspiration Away From the Writing Desk

Being at the same desk or computer for hours on end can inevitably get a bit uninspiring and sometimes finding the right words seems a thousand times more difficult. Getting away from the same space can improve your writing and bring forward a flurry of new ideas. Here are some ways to get motivated away from your desk.


Easily one of the best things to do is to go to a café or library and watch the different kinds of people who come in and out. It sounds a bit creepy but when you actually pay attention to what’s going on around you, you pick up on an awful lot more than you would have seen at home. Whether it’s through accidental eavesdropping or you manage to talk to people, you will get some new points of view that could be the basis for your next masterpiece.


Find a comfy spot, get a cup of tea and read all the latest papers, magazines, books, journals or blogs related to what you want to write about. Rewriting an article in your own style from your own point of view is always an idea to fall back on when your inspiration is running a little dry. Otherwise there is bound to be a topic that catches your eye and you can put a new slant on. If you are reading online, always read the comments left by other users, they may raise a point you hadn’t thought of.


Go outside and speak to people. You can visit local charities or businesses and talk to the staff, go to your nearest allotment and have a chat with some of the gardeners, go to your local community centre or just talk to your neighbours. See what people are up to and what kinds of things they have opinions about or interests in. Everyone has a point of view and the more you learn about, the more you have to write about. Even visiting family can be beneficial; grandparents always have incredible stories about what happened ‘in their day’.


Look up local events, business openings, go to the shops, museums and art galleries around you. Go somewhere nearby you have never been before. You may not get your idea from these places, but just seeing something new can refresh your imagination and spark some new content or direction. Sticking to the same place almost fortifies the writer’s block. When you are looking at the same surroundings with the same approaches it can be difficult to push yourself out and create something interesting. Seeing something new will stimulate you to think differently and consider new things. Taking a camera with you is always a good idea, so you can look back over everything and perhaps spot some things you didn’t see earlier.


Doing something you different can seriously open yourself up to new perspectives. Whether it’s just trying some alternative type of food, buying a different newspaper or magazine or starting a new class, shaking up your routine will allow for fresher outlook on something you may have missed or not thought of before. Something may even stick and become a hobby, but if not it is all a good experience to learn. If you have a bit of spare time on your hands, try doing some work experience or volunteering in a business that interests you. Even if it’s just a week, gaining an insight into the inner workings of somewhere will really improve your knowledge and give a little bit more professionalism to your writing.

When you hit a block that you can’t work past, your best bet is to get away from your laptop or desk for a while and take an opportunity to do something different. Expose yourself to new environments and challenges. Speaking to people around you or just looking up different approaches to your topic can help you to see something in a different light and perhaps discover a new way to approach it. Social media can help you as well, there is a huge possible demographic on networks like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook so can be worth looking around your cyber world every once in a while.

Have you found any particularly inspirational places away from your writing desk?

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