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GKBC Report: Volume 1

Welcome to the first edition of the GKBC Report! Every Friday we’ll be summing up the best content on the web for everyone who was too busy or too unlucky to catch it the first time round. This week…

Big Ideas…original observations, helpful hacks & strange science…

Umberto Eco discusses falsehood, narrative and death with the New York Times. Without once sounding pretentious!

Could the key to photosynthesis unlock new avenues for computer science?

Are websites getting too elaborate? This guy certainly thinks so. WARNING: Seriously NSFW language!

Never mind the practical applications, we want to cover our clothes in the seemingly magical hydrophobic substance NeverWet and jump into a swimming pool…

Number Theory…facts in figures…

Did you know that yearly household appliance waste in the UK alone weighs the same as 16 Titanics?

Witness the bizarrely-skewed composition of the peoples who make up Tolkien’s world. Every The Lord Of The Rings statistic you could possibly need!

See the story of the struggle against malaria in action, with eight new cases contracted every second according to the World Health Organisation.



Inspiration…bright ideas from shining talents…

Have a look at these quietly beautiful visualisations of complex weather patterns. Calming, mesmerising and deeply involving, you can use it to pick a tone and atmosphere for your creative project.

Tap into your dark and brooding side with the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, featuring wonderful neologisms such as “vellichor – n. the strange wistfulness of used bookstores”.

While you’re at it, why not check out Urban Ghosts? Delve into the depths of a necropolis, witness majestic crumbling ruins, and experience stunning art. This is one for armchair urban explorers and other fans of the abandoned and derelict.

We come back to the world of memes and doodles with DrawQuest, as the creator of 4chan returns to the public eye with an app intended to poke at your creative nodules.

Add-ons and Apps…make life easier…

Hoverzoom – if you don’t already have Hoverzoom, you’re missing out. Check out this awesome free extension for the Chrome browser, which enables users to see full-size images just by hovering their cursor over a link!

Mosaico – this desktop app makes a world of difference to workflow and organisation. Plus, it’s just satisfying to see windows snap into place!

Fount – ever wanted to use a really cool font, but can’t find out what it’s called? The fount bookmarklet will identify your mystery font in two clicks, along with any styling that’s been applied.

Awesome Screenshot – this is a fantastic browser extension which enables you to easily edit screenshots as you take them. Awesome Screenshot works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and makes getting useful screenshots just so much easier.

Inspiration…so, you want to play a game?…

These links will make you cry tears of joy, despair, or possibly some theoretical third emotion.

Whatever’s lurking back there, you’ll never know unless you click…

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Inspiration…our favourite gif of the week…

Dog wearing boots

Oh my god, it’s a dog with shoes trying to eat a treat.

Look at his derpy eyes. Best thing ever.

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  1. Susannah Plomer

    November 29, 20132:23 pm

    The gif is so good. One of the headlines for this one is ‘The Lowest Point in this Dog’s Life’… Poor little bubs really wants that treat. The look on his face before he decides to go for it just says: ‘I know what you’re trying to make me do, you bastard. You know I can’t resist a treat. Damn it, I’m doing it.’ Walk walk walk…haahahaha

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