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GKBC Report: Volume 3

Welcome to the GKBC Report, where we round up the best of what we’ve found on the web this week for your reading, viewing and downloading pleasure.

This week in the GKBC Report: How to double your website traffic in 30 days; how to earn $13K in 140 characters; how to find out what long words like sesquipedalian mean; and Ryan Gosling plus spoons.

Big Ideas…original observations, helpful hacks & strange science…

Fight For Your Digital Rights 
500+ authors sign open letter and unite against ‘data theft’ by governments and corporations. Join the protest here 

Double Your Traffic In 30 Days
No, not the amount of traffic in your street, silly – your website’s traffic. This is part-course, part-challenge, and gives you a lesson and some homework every day for 30 days. It’s completely free and comes from the excellent Quicksprout. Get studying here

Take the 30 Day Web Traffic Challenge

Property Gloom 
Will a whole generation of Brits be denied the opportunity to own their own home? Price projections based on research by Oxford Economics and presented in a report published The Housing Federation suggest not. Yay.

Number Theory…facts in figures…

5 figure Sums for 140 Characters  
How much to brands pay American celebs to Tweet about their products? A lot, it turns out. Find out the exact amount per tweet here if you can face it.

250 Million GFlops and Counting
Ever wondered how many GFlops per second the world’s most powerful supercomputer could eat? (They eat GFlops, right?) Wonder no more with these mind-boggling stats about supercomputing power that will have you believing that Skynet will be a reality by next Christmas.

How to succeed on ODesk
The secret for success on the freelance worker site is to grow a beard or wear a fake one, apparently

Four Ways To Look At Global Carbon Footprints
“Fourteen nations and Europe account for about 80 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions,” says the strapline on this excellent if somewhat depressing interactive map from National Geographic.

Pig semen makes splash on Guardian front page
£45 million worth of pig semen is being sold to China. That’s the equivalent of 74 Rolls Royce Phantoms or 5 million copies of the Olly Murs autobiography (P&P not included).


Inspiration…bright ideas from shining talents…

Bubblewrap Art
Hey look, this Canadian artist makes ‘paintings’ from bubblewrap. Brings a whole new meaning to pop art…

Sweet Dreamscapes
Our lovely featured image at the top of the page comes from South Korean artist JeeYoung Lee, who’s been busy making delectable dreamscapes in her tiny studio.

(Mistle)toe the Party Line
There ain’t no party like a Christmas party! Er, right? If, like us, you’re severely lacking in inspiration when it comes to festive shindigs then check out this Christmas Party guide

Add-ons and Apps…make life easier…

Evernote Clearly
This handy download from electronic notebook wizards Evernote clears away all the crap from a web page, allowing you to view just the content you want to read i.e. not the Zemanta or Outbrain links at the bottom of the article.

Google Dictionary
This free dictionary for Chrome gives you the ability to double-click any word on a page to view its definition. Excellent for anything that’s particularly sesquipedalian.

Trick yourself into liking maths with this free connect-the-dots Eulerian puzzle game puzzle game (if we’d downloaded the above dictionary we might know what Eulerian meant).

Pathaku game for Chrome

Apparently Amazon changes the prices of products over 2.5 million times a day. Watch it all happen with this app.

Invisible Hand
Looking to buy something nice? Of course you are. Do you want to find the cheapest price for it? Of course you do. The Invisible Hand app will help you find the cheapest price ANYWHERE ON THE WEB for your objet du desir.

Inspiration…so, you want to play a game?…

Four links that will elicit a wild range of emotions, from mild indifference to hint-of-a-smirk. (Only kidding, THEY’RE ALL CRAY-ZEE so click, click, click.)

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Inspiration…our favourite gif of the week…

Somewhere, someone thought of the idea to add spoonfuls of cornflakes to clips of Ryan Gosling movies in order to make him look like a small child refusing food. We salute that person. More Gosling + spoon gifs here

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