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GKBC Report: Volume 5

Welcome to the GKBC Report, where we round up the best of what we’ve found on the web this week just especially for you.

Another New Year has rolled around, finding me blinking wearily at my computer screen with a pounding headache and wearing an assortment of party hats in unconventional places.

Luckily, you can leave the hard part of trawling the internet to me, as I present some of the most interesting ideas, the funniest videos and the most useful programs we’ve found this week.

Big Ideas…original observations, helpful hacks & strange science…

Too Much Time On Their Hands

Scientists attempt to find evidence of time travellers using the internet. They conclude that “Although these negative results do not disprove time travel…this search is perhaps the most comprehensive to date.”  I might not have been so cautious with my conclusions.

Hash ‘N’ Slash Wizardry

This intriguing concept would allow people to use anything they wanted as a domain name. A fascinating idea with a lot of potential.

Don’t Sweat, The Tech Geeks.

It seems like the inhabitants of Silicon Valley have been protected for a long time from popular anger about inequality. Why is this? Adrian Woolridge predicts much closer examination and much more criticism of the tech world over the coming year.

Number Theory…facts in figures…

Good Year To Be A Cop

2013 saw the fewest American police fatalities from firearms since 1887.


Lies, Damned Lies

The most egregious cases of statistic abuse of 2013, courtesy of the Guardian.

No Dessert Until You Finish Your Hot Dogs

How much food is wasted in America each year? A lot. An awful lot.


Inspiration…bright ideas from shining talents…

A Word With HR

Human Resources is a website which features unusual art from relatively little known artists of all stripes. Well worth a look if you’re struggling for ideas.

Strangeness & Charm

The Strange Attractor features excellent art, tending more towards inspiration for graphic designers rather than artists.

Live Small, Die Big

A curiously compelling and evocative site, featuring a random song paired to a random movie scene. If you’re building a setting, you could do a lot worse than checking out this site.

Add-ons and Apps…make life easier…

A Soft Murmur

This lovely site allows you to mix background noise to create a wash of sound that works for you personally. A lot of them work pretty well when paired with moody, thoughtful music and you can share your favourite mix with the world.

Screenshot Of A Soft Murmur


Thunderbird is a great free email program, in some ways superior to MS Outlook. Plus it has a great name.


This free and open source word processing tool offers an alternative to MS Word. It’s eminently suitable for cash-strapped students and a good deal faster and simpler than OpenOffice’s word processing program.

Inspiration…so, you want to play a game?…

It’s like the end of the film Se7en, only sometimes the box is full of candy instead.

You spins the wheel, you takes your chance.

1 2 3 4 5

Inspiration…our favourite gif of the week…

I have nothing to say about this.


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