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GKBC Report: Volume 2

Welcome to the GKBC Report! Each Friday we sum up the best stuff on the net for the overly-busy or the plain-unlucky.

This week in the GKBC Report, Polygon take on gender roles in gaming, we learn why seahorses make the best underwater assassins, we check out an incredible shading design tool and a photographer creates his own action hero.

Big Ideas…original observations, helpful hacks & strange science…

Drone Hacking
Begun, the drone war has. Ars Technica report on a hacker who has created a hijacking drone, designed to take control of other drones and force them to do his fairly benign bidding.

Drone attack

A Little Knowledge
On LessWrong, we explore whether knowing about bias can make someone’s rationalisation process even worse. More wrong, if you will.

Polygon ask when and how did gaming get taken away from women in the first place, and much more in this in-depth piece on gender and gaming.

Number Theory…facts in figures…

OK Computers
Start buying computers so they suit your needs better, save money and get a better machine.

Angle Of Attack
Why do seahorses hold their heads at exactly 124.3 degrees, relative to their prey? Ars Technica fill you in on this curiously specific predatory tactic.

Hacker News
See digital attacks happening in real time with this amazing map of denial of service attacks from Google.

Digital attack maps

Light Relief
Find out exactly how much money (and energy) you can save just by switching lightbulbs. Comes with the added bonus that you can see how many bananas you’d need to eat to make up the difference.


Inspiration…bright ideas from shining talents…

Iconic Images
These must-see powerful photos pack an emotional punch. Especially good for linking you back to the real world if you get too involved with your work.

Traction Figures
More prosaically, this photographer has taken the ingenious and creative step of making action figures of himself to send to clients.

Designer Freebies
Find amazing free design resources with these ten places to find fresh free design resources.


Gif Printing Pls
Print out animated .gif holograms using gifpop.io. Your teenage self would  never forgive you if you didn’t.

Add-ons and Apps…make life easier…

This extension can quickly and easily tell you (with a decent degree of accuracy) the full tech stack of any website you’re looking at. It slows your browser down when it’s enabled, but the ease-of-use makes it worthwhile for me and you can always disable it the rest of the time. Get it for Chrome or for Firefox.

Only available for Firefox at the moment, unfortunately, this app simply blocks scripts from running. It’s great for security and for browsing quickly on slower computers, but some sites do require scripts in order to run. Get it here.

Use LucidChart to create really easy flowcharts, mindmaps and other organisational diagrams.

Button Optimizer
Create cool call-to-action buttons with no CSS knowledge required. Just…go easy on the old-school web 2.0 effects? Please? It’s for all our sakes.

Create, edit and validate stunning shaders for OpenGL / WebGL with Shdr. Did I mention that it’s completely free?

Inspiration…so, you want to play a game?…

We always take pleasure in defying the Backstreet Boys (fie upon thee, foul tyrants of the ASDA bargain bin), so in light of their request to quit playin’ games with their hearts we actually created a game specifically designed to play with people’s hearts. Now we just wait for them to stumble into our trap.

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Inspiration…our favourite gif of the week…

James Borarhgehlghelarheegskue


Images by Denise ChanMike Miley, Digital Attack Map and Psddd.

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