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Go Green and Save Money

This infographic is doing a good job of selling the green lifestyle to sceptics because it diminishes what is probably the biggest concern people have when it comes to making the change to a green life – money. By cancelling out this concern the viewer will be more likely to consider changing their life choices because come on, who doesn’t want to save money if they can?
Most people assume that going green will cost you. They believe it’s an expensive celebrity trend, but it’s not.

What I love about this chart is how it clearly maps out each stage of a person’s life. So whether you’re looking for ways to minimize your carbon footprint now or looking for ways to start your baby’s life off in the most eco-friendly way possible, this graphic shows that you are making a smart decision for your wallet and the environment.

The chart is especially effective because it’s set up in an interesting way. It has a lot of information, but you don’t feel overwhelmed when looking at it, which is important. In our society people have much less patience than before, they want their information now and they want it fast. For this reason info graphics are a great way for businesses to grab people’s attention and get their information across.

Are you convinced, will you try making the change to a green lifestyle?

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  1. Susannah Plomer

    February 14, 20134:25 pm

    Elena, click on the link in the post, you can see it full size 🙂

    Is that a PUPPY in your picture?? Cuuute!! x

  2. Elena

    February 3, 201310:36 am

    Maybe I’m the only one, but… I can’t really read the inforgraphic. It’s too small even with my glasses on 🙁 I’d love to be able to read it!

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