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The Graduate Job Sites That Will Help You Get A Job

The world of work can seem like a scary place. Most students, by the end of second or third year, are forced to think about their career options, and making their mark on the jobs market. You’re going to need all the help you can get to get the job of your dreams; luckily, there are ways you can be proactive and make yourself stand out from the crowd!

Article by Naomi

There are so many online resources out there; of course, there are the obvious ones, like LinkedIn or Tyba (a newer but very exciting online CV site). But what you really need to know about is all the graduate job sites, aimed at students. There are so many contacts and job opportunities out there, just waiting for you! These online platforms will help you market yourself to employers, and figure out where you want to be in life.


Graduate Job Sites - Gradplus

Gradplus is a graduate job site which allows you to upload your CV and search for jobs. They have helpful articles and videos on a range of industry sectors, but their main selling point has to be their free behaviour profiling tool, which allows you to take a test and find out what careers you are suited to, and how your mind works. Their recruiter directory contains details on a wide range of companies. The downside? Well, the actual profile design is not very inspiring or interactive.

Target Jobs

Graduate Job Sites - Target Jobs

This graduate job site is not so good for Publishing, Media, Arts or Charity sector jobs; it has more of a focus on Accounting, Engineering and Law. However, this is a theme on a lot of graduate sites. The site does have great careers advice and a handy career planner, though. This is a very insightful resource, with a dedicated internships section. It’s easy to sign up, and the emails they send you if you join the mailing list are very useful.


Graduate Job Sites - Prosepects

Careers officers usually recommend this site, and with good reason. It has extensive articles on the different career choices out there, and is good for researching postgraduate study options. It gives a lot of advice. It has a career planner (which gives accurate and wide ranging suggestions about what you should be doing with your life!), and lets you keep track of any jobs you have applied for. The job search page is particularly quick and easy to use. The profile page is customizable and has lots of good features. You can even upload your CV! This site is essential.


Graduate Job Sites - Gradjobs

It’s quick and easy to sign up for Grad Jobs and fill in your account details. Using this site, you can apply for jobs, and even find out about the latest recruitment fairs! It’s particularly good for those looking to go into IT or accounting, although there are a wealth of opportunities for everyone. It is a fun, interactive site with extremely interesting and relevant careers-based articles, and all the big names in terms of employers. They also produce a magazine, which you can read online.


Graduate Job Sites - Milkround

The graduate job site has just had a bit of a facelift, so in terms of design, this one wins hands down. The layout is great, and it is so easy to use. On top of that, the emails you get sent after you sign up are second to none. I myself managed to find an internship after being alerted to an opening by a Milkround email. The site is interactive, packed with advice, and you even have the chance to earn yourself some money by becoming a Milkround Rep. Unfortunately, you can’t upload your CV, so you need to be proactive; employers won’t come to you.

Rate My Placement

Graduate Job Sites - Rate my placement

Rate My Placement is excellent for finding work placements and internships which will be the gateway to a full career. There are industry video guides, and you can read about the experiences of real people like you, who have completed placements successfully! Perfect for those who want to explore their options a bit more and get valuable experience in the world of work, which employers will love.

Of course, there are even more graduate job sites out there. Here are a few sites that almost made it on to my list and definitely deserve an honourable mention:




Happy job searching!

Let us know ho it goes and which sites were best in the comments section.

Naomi  is a sociology student, and a grad jobs site addict! She’s going to show you how to get the best out of these sites, and how to set your career on the right path.

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