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How to Get a Job in Social Media

Thinking about a job in which you get to spend the majority of your time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest sounds pretty great. But obtaining a job in social media requires a lot more than simply knowing how to write on your friend’s Facebook wall or send a hashtag-riddled tweet. Even if you know how to do those things, you may not be cut out for a job in social media.

Article by Adrienne.

As one of the fastest growing fields and new career paths, the job description is constantly evolving and requiring the sharpest candidates. However, if you are a seasoned writer with a passion and understanding for the inner workings of the web; you could be one of these candidates. If you believe a career in social media is what you seek, below are some tips to stay ahead of the pack.

Read, Read… and Read Some More

As mentioned above, the overall atmosphere of social media is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Once a user gets comfortable with a certain platform, a new one is already gaining popularity. In order to succeed in social media, it is imperative to stay on top of current news and trends. Daily reading and educating yourself will undoubtedly increase your marketability and overall knowledge of the field. Sites such as Mashable or Social Media Today are outlets that should definitely be bookmarked on your computer, phone and tablet. 

Write the Right Way

If you are considering a job in social media, chances are that you have writing experience. Writing a few papers for your college classes is typically not enough practice to truly expand and refine your skills. Excellent ways to do that while increasing your visibility to future employers is to create (and maintain) a blog, become a freelance writer, or write guest posts. These experiences will help you to cultivate your creative juices while building a successful portfolio to showcase down the road.

Gain Experience

You’ve head it before, gaining experience in college or right after graduation is the absolute best way to jumpstart your knowledge and potential career in any field, social media especially. There are certainly college courses that will contribute to your knowledge, such as Marketing, Public Relations, Creative Writing, Internet Marketing, etc., but the most valuable experience is hands on.

If you are in school, utilize your career center to help seek out any possible internships available. An internship helps you to build your resume while truly understanding the role of a job in social media in either an in-house role or agency setting. Working in-house, meaning you work solely for one company such as Havahart, is a good way to develop and foster in-depth campaigns. On the other hand, working at an agency such as an SEO Company, meaning you have various clients, will give you experience in a fast-paced environment creating different types of content.

Become Resourceful

Since you are considering a job in social media, why not use social media to your advantage in the job hunt? If there is a certain company you know has an opening or that you really wish to work for, start interacting with them on the web. Maybe it is simply re-tweeting some of their content or providing meaningful feedback on Facebook, it is a great way to get your name out there and show you are active online. Further, use sites like LinkedIn to your advantage. Connect with companies in your area or social media gurus who you look up to.

Finally, creating an online portfolio is a great way to provide potential employers with a central hub to obtain all of your information. Using a free site like Weebly, create a page with all of your information, writing samples, resume and social media links. That way, when your employer searches for you on Google (which they will) they will be pleasantly surprised.

A job in social media is fast-paced, exciting, challenging yet rewarding. If you feel that you’re cut out to daily conquer the ins and outs of Internet marketing, implementing these tips will help you get on your way.

 Adrienne Erin is a blogger and social media marketer who loves her field. You can read more of her work by following her on Twitter or connecting with her on Google+.

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