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GKBC Creative Academy Rankings – Encouraging Originality, Inventiveness and Talent


We provide YOU with the chance to be a CREATIVE WARLOCK! The GKBC Creative Academy Ranking system is designed with one purpose in mind – to enable you to hone your creative talents in your chosen area of expertise to a level where you become a Creative Warlock!

The idea is to motivate and recognise each person for the fantabulous content they create. Some of you will design infographics that will literally blow minds to pieces; some of you will animate short films that will inspire and educate; and some of you will provide imagery that will bring veritable joy to any eyeballs that glance upon it.

Whatever you create, as you climb through the levels you will unlock opportunities to access valuable training resources that will support you in your chosen area of expertise. We have two different ways to recognise creative excellence:

Creative Academy

1. warlock levels

As you complete different pieces of work you collect points. They allow you to advance through a series of Warlock levels. Each level you attain means you gain access to more training resources.

How to accumulate Points:
Creative Academy projects can be small, large, intensely time consuming, challenging or a mix of all of the above. This means there are three categories for gaining points.

Small Project
shorter projects with a relatively fast turnaround time. 100 points.

Large Project
longer projects which involve many stages of design and development. 200 – 400 points.

Monster Project
long and complicated projects that may be very time consuming. 300 – 1,000 points.

All points are awarded at the discretion of our in-house team of experts, once the project is completed and published.

creative warlock rankings – increase your creative reputation as you advance

Creative warlock – 12,500 points

Have an interview for a paid job



Creative Necromancer – 10,000 points

Receive the GKBC Creative Awesomeness Award (fabulous for CV!!) and get an ‘About You’ feature on GKBC

Creative Sorcerer- 8,000 points

Get a LinkedIn recommendation and be eligible for work experience/placement at the GKBC office


Creative Wizard – 6,500 points

Add LinkedIn link to Creative Profile and be automatically selected for paid projects

Creative Magician – 5,000 points

Add Google+ to Creative Profile (build your authorship) and receive a free CV review


Creative Soothsayer – 3,500 points

Add Facebook link to Creative Profile, get your content published in the newsletter and get a written testimonial

Creative Enchanter – 2,000 points

Add Twitter link to Creative Profile and pitch content for you to create for the GKBC site


Creative Conjurer – 600 points

You get your own Creative Profile on GKBC (photo, approved bio and links to all the work you have featured on GKBC)

2. warlock hats

Accumulate Warlock Hats in recognition of your projects sharability!

How to accumulate Warlock Hats:
It’s an amazing feeling to create a piece of content that people engage with. To recognise outstanding achievements in this area, we monitor social shares. The more something is shared on Twitter and Facebook, for example, the more exposure your work will get. Great content attracts more shares. Our Popular Content Warlock Hats are awarded for creating content which attract high numbers of shares and likes. They will help you become a Creative Warlock!

As you accumulate hats, your achievements will be prominently displayed on your GKBC Creative Profile.

25+ shares

50+ shares

100+ shares

200+ shares

300+ shares

400+ shares

500+ shares

750+ shares

1000+ shares

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