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Creating the Perfect Playroom for Your Children

If you have a spare room at home, and you are tired of finding your children’s toys all over the place, creating a playroom may be the perfect answer.  Not only will this make your life easier but it can also been seen as a great selling point and in fact add substantial valuation to your home in the long run.

A playroom is somewhere for your children to escape and enjoy the perfect hideout while allowing you to keep your home in working order. This room is somewhere in which they will spend a large amount of their time in the home, potentially for many years to come, and for these reasons it is essential you get it right. With this in mind you need to ensure that it’s not only stylish but also will be able to take a substantial amount of wear and tear.

The way you decorate is key

When it comes to the decorating of a play room there are some things that you need to bear in mind – essentially choosing the colours, the flooring and other factors. Think about the age of your child or children, the gender and the specific sort of things they will be doing within.


Image by  Scott & Elaine van der Chijs

The colour of the room is key to everything you do. I would advise against having very specific colours, for example choosing your child’s favourite colour may not be the best idea. I say this because as your child grows with age the likeliness of their favourite colour changing time and time again is very high. In fact think about neutral colours, this still gives your child the chance to decorate the room with the posters of their favourite things, without the playroom being outdated in the future – This tactic will not only save you time in the future but also money!

Choosing relevant storage

When thinking about storage in the playroom think about functionality first and foremost. Remember that storage on a high level is not likely to be a good idea; I say this because you want your children to be able to access anything in the playroom with ease and without worry about their safety.

Using things like storage boxes on the floor and also drawers is the perfect solution. This will enable you to feel confident that you can get on with any housework or jobs you need to complete without having to assist your children on a regular basis; after all you don’t want to be spending as much time in the playroom as your children do!


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One good piece of furniture that can work wonders is the toy box. A toy box is in many ways a multi-purpose piece of furniture – it can be used for storage, but also as seating for your children while playing and entertaining.  They can also be a great tool for the design of your room as you can add patterns to match the décor or even have stickers of your children’s favourite pop stars or sports players added too, which can be a nice final touch.

Creating your own toy boxes can be a nice little DIY job too – Some people like to use toy box stays also to ensure easy and safe opening and closing methods to stop fingers getting trapped.

The furniture

When it comes to choosing the furniture for your playroom be realistic and think about saving money wherever possible, like I just mentioned with the toy box technique. Is it really going to be worthwhile spending thousands of pounds on a new sofa suite for this room – Is it likely that your children are going to damage this? Along with this what is the chances that your children are going to be sat in the same place for a long amount of time? No matter how resistant the furniture may seem over years they are going to be subject to a fair amount of wear and tear.

Bean bags can be a great alternative to the sofa, with them being good seats but also easy to fit to any décor and also easily storable, not to mention how less expensive they are. They can also help increase vital floor space for your children while giving an injection of colour to go with it.

This article was provided by Ryan Hirst, who writes helpful guides and tips for Eurofit on their blog.

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