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Tips from Conspiracy on Presenting your Product

This beautiful website is the site of the day on Awwwards, a site that sheds light on intricate and well designed websites from all over the world. The site intrigues the viewer and clearly shows the personality behind the brand. It is sleek, modern and trend-setting.

Gianluca Tamborini is the Italian designer behind the brand: Conspiracy, which produces the stunning shoes.

Tamborini’s vision is to create an entirely new shoe, so instead of going with normal materials he opted to use aeronautical aluminium to make his soles. His shoes are unique and incredibly modern and it only makes sense that his website would be as well.

The clean-cut site is reminiscent of an art gallery and the shoes come across as pieces of art.

The one negative that brings down its level of sophistication and elegance is the ‘about’ section, and the way it’s been written and designed. It’s confusing and the navigation is unclear, which is off-putting for a customer and doesn’t exactly inspire trust.

This site overall, however, is a wonderful example of just how important every detail of marketing is. Consistency is key, and you can’t let one aspect of your product shine while another rusts.

What do you think is the most important aspect of a website and what is your number one pet peeve?


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