Giving Kudos to Brilliant Content

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I love a good holiday. Who doesn’t? The only problem is that when I start totting up the carbon emissions from the aeroplane, the rent-a-car and even the theme park we would likely visit, I start to wonder if two weeks of enjoyment is really worth the damage I’m doing to the planet.

So this year, I made a resolution that our annual family break would be an eco-friendly one. At first, this prospect was met by my kids with a mixture of dismay and horror when they realised Disneyland was off limits, but they soon came around to the idea when I pointed out some very cool, very eco holiday destinations we could visit.

This infographic is doing a good job of selling the green lifestyle to sceptics because it diminishes what is probably the biggest concern people have when it comes to making the change to a green life – money. By cancelling out this concern the viewer will be more likely to consider changing their life choices because come on, who doesn’t want to save money if they can?