Giving Kudos to Brilliant Content

Any freelance creative who’s in the game for long enough will face the same choice: to carry on as they are or to take the leap into the world of eCommerce and start selling your products online.

If you decide to become an online trader, you then face a further choice: do you sell your products on sites like Etsy or ebay, or do you create your own site and create a virtual shop front?

Many people go for the former option, but for those brave souls that decide to strike out on their own, one of the important decisions that will have to be made is just what kind of sales process you are going to have.

Guest Post by E-junkie

This infographic is doing a good job of selling the green lifestyle to sceptics because it diminishes what is probably the biggest concern people have when it comes to making the change to a green life – money. By cancelling out this concern the viewer will be more likely to consider changing their life choices because come on, who doesn’t want to save money if they can?