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Let me get this straight: I am crap at surfing. I can barely stand on the board and fall in the water after two seconds. When the waves are big, I can even struggle getting past the breaking zone. Most times I’ll find myself riding a wave on my knees rather than on my feet.

In fact, I wouldn’t really call myself a surfer, as I only attempted it for the first time last summer. But I needed a good title for this article… and I am the most enthusiastic beginner. Like… ever! So bear with me and you won’t regret it.

Image by geo sharples

Before Arsene Wenger took over in October 1996, George Graham’s Arsenal side were notoriously tough opponents to handle. Their back-five of Seaman-Dixon-Bould-Adams-Winterburn (not to mention Martin Keown) were revered in the league and very rarely conceded, let alone lost a game. Teams would fear facing them because they knew they’d be in for rough game.

Then of course when Wenger took over, Arsenal’s defensive solidity was paired with a continental attacking style which yielded double-winning squads and ‘The Invincible’s’ of the 2003-04 season. This is a far cry from the current Arsenal squad whose form, confidence and passion for the club frustratingly fluctuate from game to game.

So, what’s gone wrong?

Have you ever pictured yourself scuba diving? I hadn’t until a couple of years ago. I have always been a passionate snorkeler but saw diving, with its heavy equipment and boring training, as too much effort. Eventually my reluctance gave way to curiosity and I decided to take the plunge. After reading this article, hopefully you’ll be spurred on to give it a go too and experience a whole new world.