Giving Kudos to Brilliant Content

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.” Like all clichés, there’s an element of truth to it. The best way to perfect a skill is to practice it over and over and over again, until it becomes second nature. This is especially true of writing. Behind every bestselling novel, there are dozens of discarded pages, book ideas and articles that never ran. The only way you can improve at writing is to practice it as much as possible.

Post by Adrienne.

The literary world lost a true master of the art when the legendary Elmore Leonard passed away at the age of 87.

Leonard had spent more than fifty years and 45 novels inviting readers into a world of true American grit, where plots rattled forward at a breakneck pace and the dialogue was so astutely observed that it often seemed as if the reader was overhearing it taking place rather than reading it.

Synaesthesia is an intertwining of the senses; a neurological condition which provokes an involuntary sensory response to another sensory modality. Sight, touch, smell, sound and taste become confused; sound can evoke taste buds and a smell can stimulate streams of colours. In certain real-life cases, words can taste like rhubarb, music can sound like the splash of paint and numbers can have personalities.

Article by Carlotta E.

Here’s a fact for you: writer’s block doesn’t exist. It’s simply something fabricated by writers who want something to blame when things aren’t going very well. When so-called ‘writer’s block’ is so easily overcome, there’s really no need to use this invisible entity as a scapegoat.