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The 10 Best Christmas TV Adverts of All Time

Come mid-November, Christmas adverts begin to take over our TVs and whether you love it or hate it they reintroduce festive cheer and sparkle into our lives. The run up to Christmas is vital for advertisers, as consumerism is at its height and the population will be on the lookout for gift inspiration and Christmas bargains.

Here are some of the best Christmas TV adverts to have passed through our boxes over the years.

Article by James D. 


The Coca-Cola Christmas trucks are fast becoming one of the most iconic symbols of the festive season. The trucks first graced our screens in 1995 and have continued to make an appearance year after year.

Coupled with the song ‘Holidays Are Coming,’ the red trucks are more of a tradition than any other consumerist symbol and the first sighting of the advert in fact marks the beginning of Christmas each year for many people.

Here is the 2012 version


The Andrex 1992 Christmas advert highlights one of the key factors of a successful Christmas advert: the music. The classic Slade festive song provides the perfect backdrop for the adorable puppy in the snow, and no one can resist cute fluffy animals when it comes to Christmas.

John Lewis

Following the success of their 2011 and 2012 Christmas adverts, the John Lewis advert was one of the most highly anticipated this year.

The success of their adverts comes down to their focus on telling heart-warming stories, the key to everyone’s heart at Christmas.

Irn Bru

In 2006, Irn Bru took a huge risk by choosing to parody one of the world’s most loved Christmas tales. They recreated a version of The Snowman, where the snowman was out to steal the young boy’s Irn Bru, and adapted the lyrics to suit.



Argos was another retailer to take a satirical approach. In 2011 they used their alien characters to mock the way humans Christmas shop, as well as phenomena such as Justin Bieber and eggnog.

Quality Street

Chocolate is a huge part of Christmas, and in 2007 Quality Street created a clever animation constructing popular festive objects such as the tree out of their colourfully wrapped treats.


The Guinness Christmas advert, like most successful festive ads, moves away from the usual consumerist stance of TV adverts and instead focuses on the anticipation of having a White Christmas.

Magic & Sparkle

Marks & Spencer’s 2007 advert features the likes of Antonio Banderas, Twiggy and Lizzy Jagger in an imitation of a 1940s silent movie trailer.


Boots’ 2012 advert cleverly concentrates on the act of present-giving as a way of sending a message to those you love, from two girls telling their mum to get back on the dating scene to asking your partner to stay around more often.


In 1990, Sainsbury’s Christmas advert starred John Cleese, as he runs around the kitchen preparing the dinner, ignoring the knocks at the door of his family.

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