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The 5 Best Content Platforms for Exposure

There has never been an easier time to get your writing out to the masses; it is just a case of knowing where to start and what to do. Here is my pick of the 5 best content platforms for maximum exposure

Article by Michael M. 

Being a writer starting out on the internet can be a daunting prospect.

You may well have talent, be hardworking and have a never say die attitude, but without the proper platform to advertise your work you will not reach potential readers.

Before starting on any of these platforms I suggest that you give yourself an online base of operations. This may be a central blog or personalised website. The reason being you will have somewhere to refer your growing readership back to if they enjoy your posts/articles/rants.

So here is my top 5 list of places to get started.


Start with what you know. If you don’t have a Facebook get out of the Stone Ages! Your family and friends will probably be the first ones to know of your new found writing talent. My advice is to start a fan page for your writing so you have a place to post solely about related news/writing/pictures.

Start with your personal page and draw people into your fan page. Facebook is also an easy platform for people to share your content with others leading to a domino effect for good content. Fan pages allow you to see how many people are talking about you and what your weekly reach is.

The only drawback is you will be one of many trying to get people to like your page so be bold and original, write to engage and not just to self promote.


Tumblr is fast becoming the new bloggers paradise. Providing an easy interface for pictures, writing and video it is incredibly diverse. You can easily blend in your own personal interests with your current writing, ideas, storyboards, artwork and pictures. With a wide variety of themes and an aesthetically pleasing look Tumblr is a must have.

Also you can easily share articles you have written straight away. Just be careful to keep your Tumblr focused on your writing as you are trying to keep people engaged in your talent not just your own personal interests.

Much like Twitter you will have to keep active even daily in your posts and also follow people to start getting followed.


It is surprising how much people can get done with just 164 character to play with.

This is the fastest way to draw in and target specific people to your writing. If you cannot get on and post or are stuck for ideas integrating a programme such as Buffer will keep you tweeting while you go about your daily business. Regular input and following back is a must. Also try and follow as many people as you can. Again a tool like JustUnfollow will allow you to unfollow people who do not follow back, keeping your numbers and ratios down. Be sure to ReTweet other authors as well as they will be sure to return the favour. Twitter to start up is quite involved so set aside a bit of time each day to find people to follow, RT good material and links and remove  people not following back.


A favourite among professional bloggers. WordPress has exceeded Blogger and many other blogging platforms as the number one platform for easy blogging. A huge amount of themes, ideas and platforms exist now. Forums are very helpful and if you are a coder you can become quite involved.

If you have your own website, WordPress can be easily integrated. Blogging is a great way to get noticed. A regular blog on varied subjects along with pictures will noticed  and you will connect and stay in touch with your regular readers.

This is so important when your published portfolio grows and you get to the point of asking for money for your writing. I found WordPress hard to set up to begin with and can be quite overwhelming but persist and the rewards will be great.


Contently is a personal favourite of mine, it provides a platform to show all of your published pieces of work. Also links in to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and Google Circles. This is potentially slightly more advanced but once you start writing and getting published by sites like GKBCinc, then you will be able to see what articles are are crowd pleasers and the amount of times they have been shared and all the comments.

As well as being too able to view all your articles at a click of a button. As an added bonus professional media companies use Contently to talent scout. Contently though is really just a sharing platform of published work but it is useful to keep all your work in once place.

Content platforms are great but without regular quality writing they will be of little use to you. Be prepared for a long hard slog. Platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr require regular action and upkeep. You will be competing against thousands of others to be noticed. Do not be disheartened. Blog and share regularly and eventually you will begin to reap the benefits of your labour. Consistency and quality will be the key.

Do you have any other great platforms for budding writers?

Michael is a professional writer and tech nerd. When not avoiding dead line emails he can be found checking his Klout score or reading Mashable.

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