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GKBCinc Short Story Competition 2013: The Results – Phase 1

The first 6 month phase of the competition has now closed. A BIG thank you to everyone who entered – it’s been a lot of fun reading all your amazing and imaginative stories.

We received 209 entries between January and June, and we’re already receiving entries for the second phase. It’s looking like the Anthology is going to be packed with some fantastic reading.

The quality of stories entered into the competition was high and we had a tough time selecting a top twenty alone. We wish everyone the best of luck when submitting their writing elsewhere.

The Winners!

Big congratulations to Andrew Campbell-Kearsey who won first place in the competition! His story titled, You Should Have Been There was most revered by Tim Weaver who said;

Loved it. Absolutely nails the voice of the character, right from the off – and there’s a great little sting in the tail too

You can check out his winning story here. 

Further congratulations are in order for Gareth Spark who came second place with his thrilling story American Tan and to Russell Nichols, who came third place, for his wonderful tale My Summer Reading List.

The lucky runners up, who will feature in our eBook once the second phase is completed, are as follows;

Teresa Stenson – After The Cat

Josie Turner – The Independant

Anna Mazzola – The Wife

Jonivan Powell – The Monsters Are Dead

Richard Lakin – The End of The Road

Tony Mayle – Mahler Street

Caitlin White – It’s Just A Chocolate

Jan – Jun 2013 Short List

After The Cat – Teresa Stenson
American Tan – Gareth Spark
Custard Creams & Lemon Polish – Tracy Fells
Dutyfree – Joy Myerscough
Enter Monsters – Sylvia Telfer
Hobbs – Shaun Calvert
It’s Just A Chocolate – Caitlin White
Just For Kicks – Sarah Wagstaffe
Katies Last Hit – Sam Watts
Mahler Street – Tony Mayle
My Name Is Michaela Jones – Kristen Young
My Summer Reading List – Russell Nichols
Sanctuary – Heather Parker
The End Of The Road – Richard Lakin
The Haunted Azaleas – Tony Beet
The Monsters Are Dead – Jonivan Powell
The Wife – Anna Mazzola
The Independent – Josie Turner
Wires – Paul Evans
You Should Have Been There – Andrew Campbell-Kearsey

The twenty stories were passed to our judge, Tim Weaver. He selected the three winners and seven runners up, all of whom will be published in the anthology in 2014.

Interesting Notes

All the editors and proof-readers at GKBC were quite surprised at how many stories entered into the competition disobeyed the rules. Some exceeded the word count and many failed to use the required formatting. While using zany fonts and monster sized purple text might seem like a fun idea, we ask for specific fonts and layout to make the work standardised and easy for our editors to read and judge. Any stories that disobeyed the rules were disqualified.

To put this into perspective, of the 209 entries, a total of 92 entries did not obey the rules and were disqualified.

That’s 44%.


This is great news for those of you who read and obeyed all the rules, as you instantly made it into the top 56% of entries – wahoo! But this is extremely bad news for those of you who didn’t read the rules as you were disqualified and have missed out on the opportunity of having a highly respected, published author read your work.

If you enter the competition again during the second phase, PLEASE READ & OBEY THE RULES!!!