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The Top 5 eco-friendly ways to save money!

Green. It’s the new black. Whether it’s cycling to work or recycling the plastics and papers, everyone’s talking about reducing their energy use and being more eco-friendly to help save the planet.

And guess what? It can save you money too.

Have you heard of ‘free-cycling?’

‘Free-cycling’ is a brand new movement which involves using the internet to help get rid of your stuff and giving it to people for free. Need a new computer mouse or keyboard? Why buy a new one when there’s someone in your area who’s got one lying around in their cupboard. A lot of people are going to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find the stuff they need and get rid of the stuff that they don’t.

Energy saving light bulbs

This is a must-have in every household. You can pick up these eco-friendly wonders from just £2 each on eBay and they last 10 to 20 times longer than the average light bulb. According to studies, energy saving light bulbs produces savings of £9 a year per bulb. So if the average household has 30 light bulbs, you can make a saving of approximately £270!

Energy Saving Light Bulb - Public Domain

Turn your electrical appliances ‘off’

Savings of £10 a year and more will come to those who turn off switches after using electrical appliances. Many appliances are used only on the odd occasion but are left on all year round- like speakers and old computers. Next time you go on holiday, be sure to turn off the switches.

Recycle printer cartridges

We’ve seen cash for old mobiles, cash for gold but here is one that is really unusual. At many sites and stores you can earn money for your old printer cartridges! Let’s face it, printer cartridges are not cheap and are used up before you know it. Now there’s a way to recycle them so you can save money on your next ones!

Take your own lunch to work

Save hundreds of pounds a year by taking your own lunch to work. I’m a big fan of this. Invest in tupperware because it last for years and it’s really green because you can use it over and over instead of resorting to cling film or tin foil every day.

So there you have it friends, five easy ways to save some money while also being an eco-friendly saver of the planet at the same time.

Have you guys got any other money saving, green tips?

This article was written by Daniel Tannenbaum who works in the marketing team for wizzcash.com who offer cash advances.

Featured image by: firstfreddy 

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  1. Ry

    January 23, 20145:30 pm

    Some good tips there, thanks for sharing. When I saw “Free-cycling” i was quickly reminded of an old Peep Show episode lol. All the best.

  2. Jeni

    January 13, 201412:09 pm

    It’s really Good Think. Thanks for sharing

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