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The Weekly Round Up – 20 Jan

Greetings all!

Apologies for the lateness of this round-up but the extent of last Friday’s snowfall caught us completely off guard and wreaked havoc with the to-do list!

Last week we welcomed six new members to our creative writing team! Let me extend a warm welcome to Robert Dickson, Rochelle Sampy, Clarissa Place, Nick Reed, Beki Kidwell and Kerry McFarlane!

These ninjas come from backgrounds in scriptwriting (short films and sitcoms), sports journalism, music and languages, prose and festival reviewing! Another talented pool of bloggers ready to unleash their skills and gain new ones!

We have had the pleasure of promoting one of our writers to Combatant level this week as well after she earned 300 points and published a great post on the decline of the British pub (sad face) on GKBC. Well done, Shannon Tucker!

Sadly we bid a fond farewell to one of our Combatants recently. Naomi Clark was one of the first bloggers to join our Academy and proved to be an excellent writer during her time with us. She has been able to use her experience in the academy to venture forth into the world of writing so we wish her all the best and thank her for her valuable contribution!

As you all know, last week’s news was the implementation of deadlines in the academy. We thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to this and we are confident that this will be another valuable experience for you all. The publishing world is ruled by deadlines so this will give you a good idea of what to expect out there.

In other news, the snow has made Britain once again grind to a halt, which makes for laughingly repetitive Facebook statuses and the annual jibes at the council.

I’d take this opportunity to wish you all the best out there, be safe and if in doubt, consult the Daily Mash’s Guide to Travelling in Snow.

Have a great week, you lovely lot!


N.B The Daily Mash should in absolutely no way be taken seriously, but giggled at and shared amongst friends who also enjoy extremely silly articles that point the finger at human stupidity.

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