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The weekly round-up – 21st to 28th Jan

Greetings fair ninjas!

It’s been a busy 8 days since I last updated you guys!! Firstly, we welcomed six new members last week and another six on Monday!

A big warm welcome to you Hope, Liisa, Phillipa, Tom, Lindsay, Isabelle, Emma, Michael, Shartina, Steve, George and Jasmine!! We’re really excited to have you all aboard.

These ninjas join us from backgrounds in magazine editing, music journalism, poetry, student blogging, photography, fiction writing and many more.

It’s Pride & Prejudice week this week where Austen fans everywhere celebrate the 200th anniversary of the wonderful Bennet sisters and their various romantic interests (with Mr Darcy in centre stage of course!) I am celebrating this marvellous week by actually re-reading P&P, this time on my Kindle Paperwhite (lovely Christmas present from mum and dad!)

I will also be doing a 6 hour Pride & Prejudice marathon over the weekend which will involve me watching all 327 minutes of the 90s BBC production starring Colin Firth… There will also be pyjamas and snacks.


Image via screen capture. You’re welcome, girls.

Earlier this month, our editorial manager Nick called upon any Jane Austen fans amongst our Academy writers to submit articles about it and here’s one we got back from our lovely Kirndeep: http://gkbcinc.com/200-years-of-pride-and-prejudice-and-popular-culture/ all about Pride and Prejudice’s effect on popular culture – well worth a read!


The Academy is on the move this week! If any of you UWE students are attending the Meet the Employers fair this Thursday at St Matts Campus, do pop over and say hello as I and a colleague will have a little stand there. I will also be on the panel for a Q&A session on Life after an Arts Degree. It would be lovely to meet some of you, if you’re around!

In other news, if any Tarantino lovers out there who have not yet been to see Django Unchained, I urge you to get yourselves down to your local cinemas immediately! It was a cinematic delight with a to-die-for soundtrack. Thank me later!

One last thing, if any of you have been to see Les Mis, I would love to hear your opinions and whether or not you would recommend it to a cynical old trout like me?

That’s all from me, folks! Have a superb week!



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