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5 Ways Speaking a Foreign Language Can Get You That Dream Media Job

With recent statistics showing that one in two recent graduates are unemployed, it is clear the weak job market is currently saturated with experienced professionals desperate to find work. The media branch has always been a competitive market and, with an average of 50-100 applicants per media post in London, it is vital that you stand out from the crowd. Learning another language does just that, 

Article by Jade D.

Language learning is now no longer compulsory in schools – with the result that 65.9% of British citizens speak only their native language. With this figure constantly rising, the ability to converse in a foreign language is becoming increasingly valuable in professional circles. How then can linguistic competence clinch you a position in the media profession?

Uncovering a New World of Literature (and Inspiration)

Ever got told when you were younger that the more you read, the more you learn and the more you can improve your own writing and production skills? Continuing on this train of thought, it follows that speaking a foreign language opens you up to a whole new world of literature and writing styles that you can incorporate into your own work.

Translations can never fully capture the intended feel of literature, therefore the ability to read original texts and explore differing styles can only have a positive effect on your own ability to produce articles and develop a critical editorial eye – invaluable in any media circle.

Vital Transferable Skills

While it is true that any form of study enriches your repertoire of skills, language learning has to be right up there in terms of encouraging communication skills and confidence of expression. The value of communication in the media can hardly be underestimated – especially in terms of launching international campaigns which can attract foreign publishing houses and launch sales into the next stratosphere.

Marketing and Publishing – the Role of Translation

In terms of the creative marketing side of the media, conversational and bargaining skills in a foreign tongue can only benefit businesses wishing to widen their market. Not only are you able to discuss potential deals with international publishing houses, the ability to translate a work into another language immediately opens up the market to millions of new customers. What media company wouldn’t want someone with such potential for creating profit?

Enriching New Cultures

Speaking another language obviously opens up the chance to travel freely and experience new cultures. This can not only enrich and inspire ideas for articles but can also prove useful in terms of spotting gaps in an otherwise foreign and unknown market.  Knowing what will sell well and the ability to commission successful articles is essential for an editorial position and stands you in good stead to climb the career ladder with your company.

Finding Your Place Abroad: The Example of Germany

Not only does learning a language enable you to stand out to employers, it opens up a whole new job market in the target language. Take for example Germany; a country whose industry is booming and who, behind only England and China, produce the most amount of books annually (around 80 000). With less than 5000 students choosing to study German at A level in 2012, having even conversational knowledge pushes you to the forefront of the job market. Clearly Germany has a passion for media and literature, ensuring that a steady stream of jobs are always available, ready to be filled by passionate, talented writers such as yourself.

As you can see, being skilled in another language is an invaluable commodity in any area of work. In a sector such as the media however, language proficiency is vital to communicate, expand and inspire creativity. With the increasing influence of globalisation, the ability to spread your target market across the world can generate millions of pounds of profit. After all, who wouldn’t want an employee who can not only produce inspired writing but can also widen the market to a large international audience, boosting profits in the process?

What are you waiting for? Make yourself stand out from the crowd and give yourself the best chance of clinching a dream post in the media. You won’t regret the effort!


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