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Here’s What’s Been Happening This Month At The GKBC Creative Academy

Well after an incredibly busy summer, us folks at The GKBC Creative Academy thought things may well wind down just a little bit with students going back to Uni, students venturing to Uni for the first time and people returning to their jobs after their blissful summer breaks. We were wrong.

The Creative Academy has been a hive of activity, creativity and productivity these past few weeks and it is showing no signs of slowing down either! Here’s some of the things our incredibly talented members have been getting up to.

halloween printables

With Halloween just two weeks away, our designers have been set some fun-filled tasks relating to children’s Halloween party resources. We’ve had a plethora of amazing printable designs from bunting, masks, certificates, colouring pages, bookmarks, wordsearches, quizzes, party invites, recipe cards and the list could go on and on.

The above invite was created by Joey Phinn, who is a member for both Creative and Writers’ Academies, and is just one of many amazing things she has done for GKBC. Take a look at her rendition of the Halloween cookie monster being caught in the act!

To get a taste of Joey’s writing abilities too, check out her article, ‘Navigating The Pitfalls of Contemporary Art’, a very insightful post on what contemporary art is, why it is so revered and what you should make of it.

Jenny DiOrio created this awesome-looking recipe card and four more too for Witch Finger Cookies, Bat Shortbread, Graveyard Cupcakes and Scary-eye Truffles. I personally like the way she put a spider inside the ‘o’ in alcoholic and had the spider dangling of another letter – great touch!

These bookmarks created by talented designer Colin Gill were, again, part of the Halloween printables series and are absolutely perfect in encouraging young children to read more.

The recipe cards, party invites, bookmarks, and among many other amazing things created by Academy members in the Halloween series, can be found here.


Matt Holland, who we mentioned as our Designer of the Month, has been very busy these last few months with a plethora of photography projects. Here is a very small selection of his work;

Lauren Dawes is another talented photographer with us and has produced some magnificent, quality images which you can see below;

You can find many more of Matt and Lauren’s photos they have done for the Creative Academy at their Flickr streams.

Matt Holland Flickr

Lauren Dawes Flickr

Finally, a special mention needs to go to Ben Wilson who designed the main ‘Monthly Round-up’ image to this post. He made quite an impression on us here at GKBC, considering it was his first project, and we expect to see more great things from him to come – well done, Ben!

So you’ve seen the competition. Fancy giving it a go yourself? Apply to the Creative Academy here now, and get your amazing creative selves noticed on the big stage!  

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