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Writer Of The Week: Honor Clement-Hayes

Over on our twitter feed we have an ongoing feature-cum-competition entitled Writer of The Week. All you need to do to enter is to tweet us why you love writing in 140 characters or less. Well, in 120 characters or less as you’ll need to include the #ILoveWritingBecause hashtag.

What could you win, aside from the admiration of your peers and global fame? Why, an interview like the one below, which will not only be published here on the website but also on our Facebook page.

This week our Writer of the Week is Honor Clement-Hayes, who didn’t waste any time in getting to the pointy end of things, telling us she loves writing because ‘everything else sucks.’

GKBC: Tell us more about why you love writing, Honor…

HONOR: I love writing because my writing twin is someone so much cooler than I am. When I’m writing I can be witty and arch and loads of other louche things that are difficult to pull off in real life. At the age of 13 I wrote angry poetry in an old red accounts book and stuck in pictures of war horses and punks. Back then, I wrote purely for myself and loved feeling all tortured and misunderstood, but now I really only write for other people. And I think I love it more when it’s not so raw and untreated. Writing isn’t always about being gritty or beautiful, it should also be about making people laugh or making them buy stuff. That’s what I love. That’s powerful writing too!

GKBC: What types of writing experience do you have?

HONOR: I started out with poetry and creepy short stories for school anthologies. Then came the college newspaper while I was studying English Language and doing my Advanced Extensions Award in English (which was a made up qualification for clever kids). Then I went to uni to do English Language and wrote lots more tragic poetry. I started writing a novel, then I fell out with the whole thing and worked in a Wetherspoon’s for a year.

Two years ago I got a job as a web copywriter pretty much by fluke of timing, and I’ve worked my way up to Premium Web Project Manager – which is a fancy pants way of saying I write and art direct websites. I’m currently drafting a copywriting guide for work, which allows me to exorcise my grammar demons in typically high dudgeon. This year I was also asked to be the first Digital Champion for a new small business mentoring initiative, which means I write web presence analyses and help worthy companies out with online marketing advice.

I’m also blogging for the GKBC Writer Academy on everything from Harry Potter to eco-friendly bathrooms (great fun), and I occasionally write for a lovely copy agency who seriously boosted my confidence by actually REPLYING to the fan girl email I nervously sent them earlier this year. I’m also Women’s Fashion Editor for an online culture magazine called HOWL, which is run by lots of hungry young things like myself. As well as all that, I write my own blog which is mainly just me talking about all that other stuff. And shoes a lot.

GKBC: What are your writing aspirations for the future?

HONOR: I wanna be a STAR. In a small, sarcastic, faceless kind of way. Thus far, everything has sort of just happened with no planning, just a furious determination to chuck myself at life and say yes to pretty much anything – even if it means writing through my lunch breaks and in bed. And I love it! As long as that continues I’m all good.

Until I became more involved in fashion I thought that was my big dream, but it turns out I’m way too cynical to write seriously about skirts for a living. I basically want to do what I’m doing now for the rest of my life, but be much better paid! I love selling a dream to people, as nasty as that sounds. They want to buy the dream, I just get a kick out of helping them get there quicker… There is also that half-written book still lingering in the back of my mind, but I think that will have to wait until I retire.

Find Honor on Facebook and Twitter, or check out her blog!

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