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Writer Of The Week: Roz McGann

Oh, is it that time again? Why, yes it is. The latest scribe to claim our prestigious Writer Of The Week crown is Roz McGann. Roz tweeted to tell us that she loves writing because “I can simultaneously reveal my innermost thoughts and retain a degree of anonymity – therapy!”

Which is a fine reason for loving writing.

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Hi Roz. Tell us a little more about why it is you love writing…

Those who know me really well realise that I’m quite a private person; I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeve and divulge my innermost feelings to all and sundry. I find writing allows to me to articulate my thoughts and be a little more honest about my feelings. A couple of years ago, after an evening of too much wine, I wrote a short story for a friend in what was supposedly a light-hearted take on her life. I’d thought no more about it until a few weeks ago and a conversation with colleagues whose experiences were reminiscent of my friend’s. When I dug the story out, I realised it conveyed so much more about my feelings and experiences than I’d imagined… who needs counselling? (That’s a whole different story!)

What kind of writing experience do you have?

I’m a novice writer. Apart from writing the odd verse for friends and colleagues (in my last workplace I’d assumed the unofficial role of office poet – available for weddings, birthdays, leaving dos and Bar Mitzvahs) my writing has been limited to academic work until recently discovering GKBCinc.

Who are your favourite writers?

I’m pretty much a fan of anything that provides an escape from reality and allows me to get lost in the story. David Nicholls is quite a recent favourite, although One Day didn’t transfer well to film. My all time favourite classic is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, it actually made double English enjoyable at school. I recently read Broken by Daniel Clay , who admits to being inspired by Lee’s original book, and was fascinated by the modern take on a classic story, although it probably proves that Lee’s original themes of childhood innocence, coming of age and injustice are just as relevant today.

What are your writing aspirations for the future?

To carry on writing. I have a couple of friends who have been trying to convince me for years to write a book – perhaps they’re hoping to be in it! After graduating, my ideal job would involve writing at some level; when I began my degree I was interested in working in marketing in some capacity so I’m currently exploring all my options and will keep blogging and working on that book!

If you fancy your chances of being our next Writer Of The Week, just tweet #ILoveWritingBecause plus your answer.

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  1. Susannah Plomer

    January 4, 201310:28 am

    Great stuff Roz, well done! Nice to learn a little more about you as well 🙂 You may end up being one of the resident Academy poets! x

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