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Writer of the week: Eric Karoulla

Over on our twitter feed we’ve started up a little competition entitled Writer of The Week. All you need to do to enter is to tell us why you love writing in 140 characters or less. Actually it’s 120 characters or less because you’ll need to include the hashtag #ILoveWritingBecause.

What can you win in our competition? Why, an interview like the one below, which will not only be published here on the website but also on our Facebook page (we’re going to pretend we’re marketing gurus and call this ‘Social Media Channel Cross Pollination and Site-to-Site User Engagement’. Burp.)

Enough silliness. It’s time to meet our first ever Writer of the Week, Eric Karoulla!

GKBC: So Eric, tell us more about why you love writing…
ERIC: I get to travel across worlds, and be whoever I want to be, without even leaving my desk. It allows me to express myself without being afraid of anything, including becoming vulnerable.

GKBC: What types of writing experience do you have?
ERIC: My very first experience of writing involved publishing a poem in a literary magazine back home. After that, I realised I wanted to write something slightly larger, so I turned to online roleplay. Years later, while at university, I got into writing music reviews for an online music magazine, which led me to look for some form of tutelage. I wanted to get better at writing, so when I saw an advertisement for a writing workshop, I signed up for it.

That was where I met Gareth K Vile, theatre and performance editor of the Skinny (a Scottish cultural magazine). We’ve been working together ever since and I have had articles published both online and in print.

Meanwhile, I developed a taste for blogging, and have run my own blog for a while (2-3 years). Now, I’m at university studying digital journalism, while still maintaining (or trying to maintain) 2 blogs. One is a news blog, which is still a work in progress. The other, which is updated more or less daily, is the place where I rant and rave about anything.

GKBC: What are your writing aspirations for the future?
ERIC: In the next few weeks, I aspire to winning a playwriting competition I signed up for. Meanwhile, I will be blogging, and working on learning how to be a proper journalist. As for the distant future, I hope to one day write a novel, or a short story.

Find Eric on Twitter @ekaroulla and check out his two blogs at http://erickstrip.blogspot.co.uk/ andhttp://makethenews.wordpress.com/

Want to be our Writer of the Week next week? Tweet #ILoveWritingBecause plus your answer to enter!


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  1. george

    September 30, 20137:27 am

    nice photo and good luck . Carson


    December 16, 20129:37 am

    It is not a competition altogether,it is simply an awakening exercise and good for the writers.I support the arrangement and at the same time vow to participate.


    December 14, 20126:24 pm

    great thinking makes great writers. simple sorounding and magnificent imaginations make great thinkers. simple philosophy

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